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Our Team

STOCK WATCH 247 has various editors, writers, freelancers and contributors it uses in order to help deliver stock market news, commentary, business news, finance news and other content. If you’re a writer / journalist / blogger that is focused or specializes in the news field of stocks, business or finance, and want to contribute to STOCK WATCH 247, please email us directly at or contact our Customer Service Department today through our Contact Us web page.

Chief Development 

Chad Curtis
Chairman / WallStreet Veteran / Market Specialist / Chief Researcher
Mr. Chad Curtis is a successful entrepreneur and investor for 20+ years specializing in both the public and private markets. Mr. Curtis is a successful WallStreet veteran. He has over 2 decades of professional experience in the Stock Market, IPOs, Trading Stocks, Investing, Real Estate, Growing Brands & Companies, Acquisitions, Mergers, Reverse Mergers, Taking Companies Public, Funding and much more. He has been researching, studying, investing, trading and charting the Stock Market for over 2 decades. Has worked with a vast amount of private & publicly traded companies over the years and is very passionate about growing companies brands and seeing businesses succeed.

Ahsan Zeb
Online Web / Development / Creative Content / Applications
Very experienced in internet services and World Wide web development and applications. Well diverse in creating content, ideas and programming for a variety of online platforms and devices. Specializes in tech and has played a key role in the growth of several high ranking online service providers and web organizations.

Editorial / Contributors / Freelancers 

Austin Daniels
Marketing / Data Analysis / Researcher
Austin is all about WallStreet and the Stock Market. He is diverse when it comes to Stock Market trading and researching stocks. He has learned a lot and expanded his knowledge over the last few years being involved with StockWatch247 and its owners. He likes to focus more on technicals, breaking news and momentum. Has a wide arrange of experience in providing data analysis when it comes to marketing and branding as well as stocks. He helps to contribute ideas with quicker moving / volatile stocks with a short term view on market opportunities and trends. Great motivator, soaks up Stock Market information like a sponge and is always upbeat.

John Isige
Editorial / Journalist
John has been in editorial and journalism for many years working with several large online providers and print publications. He really enjoys studying and writing about the stock market. John has covered and written for a variety of sectors / industries including but not limited to; Nasdaq, NYSE, finance, business, forex and commodities. John likes to deliver new and exciting stories to his online readers. He also likes to research technical analysis of companies and charts as well as contribute to the community. He has been awarded many times for his devotion and writing skills in key sectors such as new stocks to watch, emerging stocks and companies, latest stock market news, analysis and various other sectors.

Nick Shan
Writer / Reporter
Nick is focused on reporting news, stories and events in the USA Stock Market as well as the World Wide markets. He’s been a key editor and writer for various organizations. Is devoted to reporting developing stories and news in the USA & World Markets. Nick specializes in research, studying charts, technical analysis and finding potential growth situations with stocks and companies. Key sectors he likes are emerging stocks, high growth securities and investments, stocks to watch and stocks in the spotlight. Nick believes readers should see things in different views and angles by reading & digesting news from different sources.

Albert Kim
Albert Kim has written for a wide range of online wall street news sites and newsletters. He enjoys writing and is considered an artist in the field of finance and markets. Albert currently writes for various online blogs and portals that focus on Finance and digital currency.  He also likes to cover technology and breaking news.

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